Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder

Bulldozer and fun in the mud


There were puddles in the yard after the rain. The concrete mixer was bored.
– Can I go out and play a little? – she was tormenting Bob.
– No, my dear Said Bob. because you'll get dirty the same as the Excavator and the Bulldozer.
– But it's fun being dirty! – called the Bulldozer.

Marta was working on a farm that day. She was repairing the gutter on Mr. Farmer's house.
– How it's going? – the landlord shouted from below.
– It's not good – odparła Marta. – You have not only a torn gutter, but also a hole in the drain. Together with the crane, we will have a lot of work to do here.

Bob decided to clean up the yard. He put on a waterproof apron and filled the bucket with warm suds.
– No, who takes a bath first? – He asked.
– And, and! – Concrete Mixer was grateful.
– You haven't even got dirty – zaśmiał się Bob. – I'll start with the Excavator.
The bulldozer moved closer to the Waltz.
– I'm glad, that it didn't fall out on me. I don't like washing myself, I really like mud for that.
– Sure, you keep rummaging in it – zachichotał Walec.

Bob soaped the Digger and turned the tap, to rinse it. He didn't notice, that he is standing on the snake, blocking the flow of water.
– Interesting, what broke – powiedział, peering into an empty hole.
When he shifted from foot to foot, the released stream of water splashed right in his face and poured out over everyone in the yard.
– Oops! – Bob groaned in surprise.

Fear hid from the rain under the tarpaulin of Tractor's trailer. When it stopped raining, he jumped out of hiding.
– Thanks, Tractor – powiedział. – I hate getting wet.
– Trifle – rzekł Traktor. Its engine growled.
The machine tried to move forward. However, it did not work - Tractor's wheels got stuck in thick mud.
– I'm not getting out of here – jęknął zmartwiony Traktor.
– Calmly, I'll go get Mr. Farmer, he will surely come up with something – zawołał Strach.

In the backyard, Bob has just finished rinsing the Excavator, whose yellow sheet now shone like new.
– It's your turn, Bulldozer – powiedział Bob.
– And you can't wash the Waltz first? – Twisted Stripper.
– You are not afraid of water, you are?roześmiał się Bob. – You're not made of sugar.
– Sure, that no – niepewnym tonem odpowiedział Spychacz.
Just then, the phone in Bob's pocket rang.
– You have to wait, Bulldozer – powiedział Bob, and when he finished talking, he turned to the machines: – It was Mr. Farmer. Apparently, the Tractor got stuck in the mud.
– We'll get him out – ofiarowała się Koparka.
– I'm afraid, that your wheels can bite too – powiedział Bob. – I prefer to use a bulldozer. Its tracks are perfect on slippery surfaces.
– But I'm lucky – szepnął do Walca rozradowany Spychacz. – She won't wash me!
– May I come with you? – asked the Concrete Mixer.
– Well – zgodził się Bob.
– Hura! – the Concrete Mixer shouted.
– You will help? – Bob asked.
– We will help! – the machines shouted in chorus.

Bob, The bulldozer and the Betoniarka stopped on the farm.
– Alarm! BZZZYT! BZZZYT! – The concrete mixer pretended to be a police siren.
In the field it turned out, that the tractor is stuck in the mud for good.
– Do not worry, old – pocieszył go Bob. – One or two we'll free you!
Bob secured one end of the towline to the hook of the Tractor, and the second - to the Bulldozer.
– Three, four! Pull, Bulldozer! – gave the password
– UUUFF! – the Bulldozer grunted with effort, a jego gąsienice zaczęły miesić błoto jak ciasto. – UUUFF! I can handle! – he grunted, and the tractor's wheels twitched.
Both engines chimed, the muddy slurry began to splash in all directions.
When the Tractor could move independently, Mr. Farmer thanked Bob.
– I invite you for a glass of juice, friend – powiedział.
– Delicious thought – rzekł Bob.
They both jumped into Tractor's trailer and drove home. The cavalcade was closed by the Bulldozer and the Concrete Mixer.

They were just driving across the meadow, as Fear emerged from behind the tree. He was holding a large lump of mud in his hand.
– Hello, Concrete arch! – he exclaimed.
The concrete mixer turned, and the mud ball hit her right in the mask. SPLASH! The mud drained away, tickling Concrete Mixer, who started laughing.
– And, it's sticky like jam – zachichotała.
Fear made a second, an even larger ball and offered it to the Bulldozer.
– We are fighting? – cried Bulldozer cheerfully and joined in the fun.
He had completely forgotten about Bob and Tractor.

When Bob came to the farm, He found Marta there. Which, with the help of a crane, was finishing repairing the gutter.
– How you doing? – he asked from downstairs.
– Perfectly – odparła Marta. – I see, that you managed to get the Tractor out of the mud.
– This is due to the Bulldozer – powiedział Bob i odwrócił się, to congratulate him.
But the Bulldozer wasn't there.
– Interesting, where are Spychacz and Betoniarka – mruknął.

The bulldozer was playing in the mud like a child.
– Do you know, Concrete arch – zaczął opowieść – when i was as little as you, I rolled in fat all day, sticky muck.
– Oops! – Squeaked in delighted Concrete Mixer.
The carefree mood was interrupted by Bob's call.
– Bulldozer! Concrete arch! Where are you?!
– Hmm… we only… we put mud cakes – wymamrotał Spychacz.
– And we were worried about you! Better go to the farm fast. Mr. Farmer has prepared a surprise for you.

When everyone was standing in a row in the yard, Bob told them to close their eyes.
– Chi, chi, I hope, that we'll get something extra! – screamed Fear.
– Ready? – Bob asked.
– Ready! – Marta and Mr. Farmer exclaimed in chorus, carrying a bucket of warm soapy water.
Marta dipped the brush into the bucket and started scrubbing the Concrete Mixer tank.
– No., no, but it tickles – śmiała się maszyna.
The bulldozer wanted to open his eye very much, to see, what amuses her so much.
– Just don't peek, Bulldozer – zawołała Marta.
When it was the Bulldozer's turn, this shook himself in disgust.
– WRRR! – he growled, when Marta started washing it.
It's your turn, Fear! – Mr. Farmer said.
– Just not that! – Screamed Fear and was about to run away into the field, but he slipped in a muddy puddle.
– AUUU! – he moaned in pain Fear, gdyż upadł prosto na twarz. – And where am I going to get a new nose now?

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