Julka Bałaganiara and the Truest Fairy

Julka Bałaganiara and the Truest Fairy

Little Julka was sitting in her room and crying. Her squeaky voice was heard by the old woman passing by her window. And you heard, who went out with the dog for a walk. And even the neighbors two floors above could hear. The soft sobbing quickly turned into an unbearable squeal. Mom tried to calm the little girl, but she didn't want to hear anything. For everything, what mom said, Julka had her own argument.

– Julka, clean up. - Mum said once again.

– I can't clean up! - Julka shouted louder and louder.

– Enough, that you will put all your clothes and toys in their places. It is not difficult.

– No! I do not know, where are Emilki's shoes! The girl was hugging her favorite doll. She was angry, and she cried at the same time. - I want them! Now!

– The shoes are too tiny, for you to find them in this mess. When you put your things together, they will surely be found, you will see. - My mother argued. It was another day, when she tried to show her daughter, that if she had order in her room, she will always know, where are her things. This, however, did not want to listen. She was sitting in the middle of the room, among scattered toys and clothes. All over the mountain of her stuff, you couldn't even see the fluffy carpet.

– I will not find, I was already looking! They are not there! - Julka did not want to be persuaded. - Clean me up! - She screamed at her mother.

– You can clean yourself already. You are already a big girl. - Mother replied every time, when the girl started screaming even louder. - Now, there is nowhere to sit in your room, look.

– so what?! The girl was still crying. - Let the fairies from a fairy tale come and clean me up! This is boring! Where are Emilkiiiiii's shoes?!

– Whatever you want, I can tell you, where do you have what to put away. - Mom suggested. - We can play cleaning ...

– No! Someone enchant me with order! - Julka tapped her feet and couldn't be persuaded by her mother, that the sooner she cleans up, the sooner she will be able to dress the doll's shoes and continue playing. So my mom went out to the kitchen, prepare dinner. The scream of the girl was still heard all over the estate ...


– Who is it screaming like that?? My ears! - A moment later, a fat little person with blue wings landed on the windowsill. - Ouch! She made a sour face
and rubbed her ears. Instead of a wand, she was holding a tiny umbrella in her hand.

– You are… – Julka could not believe it, who he sees. Her eyes widened and she moved slowly towards the window, pushing away all the toys, which she had scattered on the floor.

– So, I am a real fairy! All children react that way, when they see me. I am the truest! But really, sometimes I would rather live in a fairy tale, because there the fairies somehow have less work - they wave their wand and there is a carriage or a dress - that's it, all their effort! And me? I work way too hard! And I don't have a wand! The fairy dusted off the tiny green umbrella and set it on the windowsill, continuing to speak very quickly. - It's raining! I got completely wet! Beloved child, something you did, that you cry so much and scream so?
I must be deaf by now! My poor ears!

Julka did not know, what to say, so she was just staring at the little woman on her windowsill. She was dressed in a green coat with lots of pockets and boots of the same color.

– No, what happened? - Asked the True Fairy again. - You have to tell me quickly, I came here on purpose, and believe me, it is no fun to cross in such rain! And, even my shoes are soaked! Call me right here, why are you crying so!

– I lost my Emilka's shoes. - Julka said calmerly. - They're nowhere.

– You were looking? The fairy raised an eyebrow.

– They are not there! They are nowhere to be found! The girl was getting nervous again.

– They're definitely here somewhere.

– There is not! There is not! Disappeared! Julka, nervous, started waving her hands. - They're nowhere!

– I wouldn't see them here either. Toys on the floor, a book on the back of the bed, sock on the lamp! What do you want to find here?

– Emilkiiii shoes!

– But how, tell me. - Said the green Fairy matter-of-factly and straightened her disheveled hair. The girl was silent. – No, how are you going to find these shoes?

– I do not know. Enchant me with order! Julka twisted her face.

– Not, not, don't get me angry again here or cry! - The fairy stamped her foot. - Charm me, enchant… You have handles, my darling. You scattered everything, so now it has to be cleaned up. There is no magic, because that would be too easy. Fairies can't just like that, run from one girl to another and clean her room. We really have a lot of other things to do. We have to color the rainbow, paint sunsets, make beautiful dreams, conjure smiles! It's a hard work, My love! Have you ever seen, how is a rainbow painted? Thousands of little fairies come and sprinkle colorful pollen on the sky! Then my wings hurt so much, that I must lie down for half an hour and rest. And I have to drink the strengthening raspberry tea! But it's all worth the smiles of the people, worth… I love to look, how people smile! – The fairy smiled. – But I've already turned up, bo och…, you screamed a lot, very!

– How did you come here? - Julka asked.

– I have arrived. - And the True Fairy turned, to show Julka little wings. - After all, your scream would wake up the tigers in the Brazilian forest, child! Even my beetle hid under the bathtub of it all!

– What a beetle? – Julka was no longer crying. All the tears were dry on her cheeks. She was so surprised and surprised by this, what was happening, that she forgot to cry.

– No, Beetle. People have horses or dogs, little fairies have beetles, ladybugs or frogs.

– Aha… – Julka started to laugh, and her brown curls jumped happily around her face.

– You are a very pretty girl, when you laugh - The Most True Fairy Noticed. - Whatever you want, I can help you a little. One time ... You'll see, that cleaning is not that difficult at all ...

– But you can do magic! Show me something magical ...

And then the Fairy had an idea ...

A moment later she was sitting on the floor, next to Julka. She pulled it out of her coat pocket
and a chestnut watch and showed it to the girl.

– look. We'll do this: I'll give you ten minutes, for you to clean ...

– No! Julka interrupted her. - You can't clean up that fast! I can not!

– Stop! - The fairy clapped her hands. She knew, that little girls can be very stubborn sometimes. But she also knew, that they can clean very well, they just have to show it. - We make an appointment like this: You will listen to me for a moment. You'll try to clean the whole room in ten minutes. But I will tell you, what do you have where to put. We will play cleaning ...

– You speak, like my mom ... – Julka put the doll down next to her. - Enchant me with order! Bewitch!

– You did, that Emilka's shoes are gone? - Asked the Fairy.

– Disappeared. Julka nodded.

– I promise you this, that when you clean up, you'll see real magic. The green figure winked. - Of course, as you wish…

These words did, that Julka smiled again:

– Well, i will try. But there will be magic?

– They will.

– You promise?

– There will be spells. Definitely. The fairy took a tiny bottle of raspberry tea from her pocket and took a sip. - Let's start. I set my watch ...- and set a timer on her watch for ten minutes. Then she took dark glasses from another coat pocket, corals, shimmering with all colors and a microphone, And she said:

– My love, cleans up better with music. Normally, you can turn on your favorite songs, but today I will sing to you. It will be a magic song, where he cleans better. She cleared her throat twice, then she put on the beads and put on her glasses, and then she started singing:

Tralalalalalalalala… It's a magic song!

Now the blocks fly into the box,

Julka moves slightly like a mist ...

Tralalalalalalalala… It's a magic song!

A green brick and two blue ones

to the box behind this stuffed dog ...

– The True Fairy sang and danced, jumping from shelf to shelf.

Tralalalalalalalala… It's a helpful song!

You also have to bury the dolls twice,

and then also teddy bears as soon as possible!

Tralalalalalalalala… It's a helpful song!

The lowest shelf is the one for dolls,

above there is room for glasses and graters.

Julka was arranging plastic vessels, and the Fairy was dancing, swinging its legs and waving its wings, from which showered magic blue pollen.

Tralalalalalalalala… It's a happy song!

It's necessary to, so that it does not fly out of the head

collect crayons, markers and pencils.

Tralalalalalalalala… It's a happy song!

Julka also folds her clothes,

what have been lying on the carpet since the morning.

The girl caught everything quickly, what the Fairy sang about and put it in place. She was jiggling to the melody sung by her little guest. And she didn't even notice, when she started having fun, cleaning up.

Tralalalalalalalalala… The song is now over!

One minute left, just as he found,

to hang the beads over the desk right away.

Tralalalalalalalalalala, tralalalalalalalalalala!

And the Most True Fairy bowed, like a star on television, and Julka began to applaud her.

– You sing nicely. - She smiled.

– And you have a nice room. Both of them looked around. Everything was cleaned up. Not even a sock, which Julka in anger threw all the way onto the lamp, she managed to pull it off with a badminton racket. All the clothes were folded in the wardrobe. Teddy bears and dolls were sitting on shelves, and the writing and painting utensils were on the desk in colorful mugs.

– Beautifully!

– Nicely… – Julka confirmed, proud of myself.

– You see, you can clean. - said the Fairy, putting his watch and microphone in his pocket.

– A…

– You want to ask about spells? Where is the magic surprise?

– No, exactly… – Julka couldn't wait.

– There will be a surprise soon. First, I wanted to tell you, that you did a great job. I think, that mom will be proud of you, when you call her, that she would see such a nice room. I think even your little brother will be able to play, co? There is enough space on the floor now. And you will be able to go to your crib, now it is clean and not all clothes are on it. Now you could use raspberry tea. I'm telling you, she makes, that a man smiles and has more strength!

Julka was nodding her head, agreeing with the Fairy.

– No, it's a surprise now. It really is, you conjured it up yourself. Look under the bed ...

Julka went to the bed and bent down. She giggled happily in a moment:

– Emilka's shoes! They have not disappeared!

And she turned away, to thank the Truest Fairy, but this one was gone. Through a slightly ajar window, only raindrops fell. Julka went to the window, but she no longer saw the green figure in the coat with lots of pockets. But there were flecks of blue-green pollen on the windowsill, and a little green beetle entered through a crack in the window, to hide from the rain in a warm place.

– Julka, sandwiches and raspberry tea! Come to dinner! Mom called from the kitchen. And then Julka felt like a real fairy, who worked very hard. She was very hungry, very happy and she wanted to tell her mother very much, that her room is tidy, which she did herself. She ran, so to the kitchen immediately, shouting:

– Mom, I can charm! I disenchanted Emilka's shoes!

And even the neighbors two floors up heard it again ...

The author of the fairy tale: Dagmara Kuprian