Mr. Płatek Filipek and his first trip to Earth

Mr. Płatek Filipek and his first journey on the ground

Therapeutic fairy tale

Main goals: reducing the fear of new situations and new surroundings.

Fairy tale content:

I would like to introduce you to the story of Mr. Płatek Filipek – famous wanderer, conquerors of many peaks, which more than one winter travels around the world. Well, Mr. Płatek Filipek, just like you once was a completely small snowflake. Mr. Płatek Filipek remembers his first journey to Earth like no other.

In frosty, Mr Płatek's winter evening – a little boy was sent from Heaven to Earth. This journey into the unknown did not smile at all, though he had already learned to fly and knew perfectly well, how to deal with too strong gusts of wind. But what could be done, when everyone was talking: it's time!! He packed a backpack, he put on a white cape, which his grandmother had knitted for him and he was on his way.

He jumped out of the feathery puff, which had been his home until then, and he felt, as air fills his tiny lungs.

– Strong wind, visibility poor, no contact with the Aviation Tower – he quickly assessed the situation

Mr. Filipek – It's not good… – he thought, and with greater speed he wondered if he could not go home yet. He closed his eyes in fear and cringed into himself. Clenching his white eyelids tightly, he tried to remember his friends. For a moment his heart felt warmer, however, as soon as they opened their eyelids at once, all fear returned with redoubled strength.

– What to do, what to do? – he asked himself mentally, but nothing came to mind.

Then he heard a very soft voice coming straight out of the darkness.

– Spread your arms and legs wide! Straighten up! - These remarks at first seemed completely absurd to Filip. It's like that, as if his mother told him to put on wellington boots and a raincoat on a sunny day. What can that help now, when he is completely alone here and darkness surrounds him.

– And! Why did it have to be me? Why? – was torn from Filip's chest. Only, as a soft voice from the darkness answered his question, he realized it, that these weren't his thoughts anymore, but a loud scream.

– Because you're ready for it! You can fly beautifully! You just can't be afraid any longer. Spread out your arms and legs, and you will see, I'm right!

– Ah, what's up! – thought Mr. Płatek Filipek and carried out the orders of the mysterious voice from the darkness. What happened after a while completely surprised our little friend. Well, suddenly the wind ceased to be his enemy. Contrary, allowed Mr Filipek to perform two jumping pirouettes in the air and additionally finish them with a salt. How great was Petek's joy, when he discovered his possibilities. He wasn't afraid anymore. His eyes widened. When he got used to the darkness around him, he saw a beautiful Lucyka Petal flying nearby. He didn't know then, what is his name, but he was sure, that it was she who helped him in this difficult situation.

– Juchuuu! I'm here! – a new friend of Mr. Filipek shouted – I told you? You can fly beautifully! – Lucynka said, winking at our friend. Mr. Filipek blushed slightly, and because his skin was completely white (as befits snowflakes) it couldn't count on it, that the blush will go unnoticed.

– Thank you! – Filipek will shout in response – it's such a wonderful feeling! I dance in the air! – the joy flowing with the words of Mr. Filipek seemed to have no limits. To make matters worse, at that moment a beautiful winter alley appeared in front of him and Pete Lucynka, overgrown with branchy trees on both sides. Second by second the flight of Petals grew slower and calmer. Lucynka in the light coming from the old one, baroque lamp completely resembled a ballerina.

– Hymmm… first guests on the horizon… He sounded out of nowhere, suddenly a thick male voice. Mr. Filipek realized quickly, that its owner is the old one, a wrinkled chestnut standing at the entrance to a stone path.

– Good morning, Jakub! – Lucynka cried Petal – How are you?

– And, quite well, although this year I suffer from rheumatism. And you, Lucynka? How was your journey? – Jacob the chestnut thundered.

– Thank you, very good! This time the wind was blowing hard from the west, so we could spin beautifully all the way. This is my new friend – Lucynka said pointing to Mr. Filipek – but I don't really know, what is his name… – Petka realized.

– Filipek, my name is Petal Filipek- Our friend quickly broke the silence.

– So welcome, Pete Filipek to Earth- said Jakub proudly.

– Eeee… good evening – Filipek muttered, intimidated by the size of his newfound friend. A moment later, probably two blinks later, our hero and Petka Lucynka landed on one of Jakub's spicy shoes.

– Oj, oj, oj! – Filipek escaped, który w czasie lądowania dwukrotnie się potknął i upadł. – You had to be careful in landing lessons – he thought a little ashamed. Before he was able to stand on straight legs, Lucynka was at his side. She extended her white hand to him and helped him to his feet.

– Oh well, we can announce to the whole world with your arrival, that winter is about to begin – croaked Jakub – marriage, marriage, marriage… I lost my leaves a good few days ago, so your visit is not a surprise to me. When one season ends, the next one begins. I'm sad without my green leaf friends, but now you will accompany me – Jacob Chestnut said hopefully.

– Yhymm… – Lucynka replied quietly – I would love to stay here for the whole winter, and Ty Filikpku? You'll stay? – Lucynka asked our friend's petal.

– When I left the house I was afraid, that I am going all alone. When I look at you, I know it, that's not true. I'm not afraid anymore. – Mr. Płateczek Filipek replied proudly.

On that first winter evening on Earth, our friend felt as happy as ever… .>