Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

There was once a sweet little girl, everyone loved, who only saw her, and her grandmother loved her the most - she did not know what to give her. One time she gave her a red velvet hood, and the girl liked this hood so much, that she didn't want to wear any other, that's why it was called Little Red Riding Hood.

One time my mother said to Little Red Riding Hood:
– Got here, child, a cake and a bottle of wine in a basket, take it to grandma, which is sick and weak, and he will be very happy with this gift. Go right on, until it's not hot, do not run and do not stray from the road, because you might fall and break the bottle. When you enter the room, don't forget to tell grandma "good morning".
– I'll do everything, as you tell mom Red Riding Hood promised.

Grandma lived in the woods, half an hour from the village. When the girl entered the forest, she met a wolf. But Little Red Riding Hood didn't know, that it was such a bad animal and he was not afraid of it.
– Good morning, Red cap Red Riding Hood promised.
– Good morning, wolf Red Riding Hood promised.
– Where are you going so early?
– To grandmother.
– What are you carrying under your apron??
– Cake and wine, mommy hell yesterday, so he sends a little sick and weak granny, that she would eat herself and press her strength.
– And where does your grandma live?, Red cap?
– O, it's still a long way from here! Far in the woods, There is a cabin under the three great oaks, surrounded by a hazel hedge, you will definitely get there Red Riding Hood promised.

The wolf thought so: "It's young, I will like this fragile creature better than my old grandma. However, you have to do so, to eat both!”. Walking a bit at the side of Little Red Riding Hood, he said:
– Have a look, how beautiful flowers bloom all around, why don't you look at them? And it seems, that you can't hear, how sweet the birds sing? You go straight ahead, how to school, and the forest is so nice!
Little Red Riding Hood opened her eyes, and seeing the rays of the sun dancing among the trees and a whole lot of flowers, he thought: “Grandma will be happy, when I bring her a nice bouquet. It's still quite early, I'll be on time ".
And she ran into the forest to look for flowers. And when she broke one, she noticed another one, more beautiful, so she ran after him and went deeper and deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to Grandma's house and knocked on the door.
– Who's there? – the old woman asked.
– That's me, Red Riding Hood, I bring grandma cakes and wine, open grandma.
– Press the handle Red Riding Hood promised I am too weak, to get up.
The wolf pressed the handle, the door opened, and the beast approached Grandma's bed without saying a word and swallowed her. Then he put on her shirt and cap, went to bed and pulled the curtains closed.

When Little Red Riding Hood picked up so many flowers, that he could no longer carry them, he suddenly remembered his grandmother, and the little girl ran quickly to her cottage. She was very surprised, that the door is open, and as she entered the room she thought: "Oh my God, I'm so terrible somehow, and yet I usually like to go to Grandma's!”.
– Good morning! – she exclaimed, but received no reply.
So she approached the bed and pulled back the curtains. She saw Grandma, which had a shower cap pulled over her face and looked very strange.
– But, baby, why do you have such big ears?
– So that I can hear you better!
– And why do you have such big eyes??
– So that I can see you better!
– And why do you have such big hands?
– So that I can hug you better!
– But why, baby, you have such an ugly big mouth?
– To make it easier for you to eat!
And at that moment the wolf jumped out of bed and swallowed poor Little Red Riding Hood.

Once the wolf has satisfied its whim, he went back to bed and fell asleep immediately, snoring loudly. A young hunter was just passing the house and he thought: “How hard that old lady is snoring, I have to look, if something bad happened to her ".
So he entered the room and saw a sleeping wolf on the bed.
– I found you, old pest! – Red Riding Hood promised I've been looking for you for a long time!
And he aimed the shotgun at the wolf, to shoot him, but he thought to himself, that maybe the wolf swallowed grandma and could save her yet; so he didn't shoot, but he took the scissors and cut open the sleeping wolf's belly. Immediately Little Red Riding Hood jumped out calling:
– But, how scared I was, it was so dark in the wolf's belly!
And then the old grandmother also came out, also still alive, but barely panting. Little Red Riding Hood brought the stones quickly, with which they filled the wolf's belly. When the animal woke up, he wanted to escape, but the stones were so heavy, that he was immediately dead to the floor.

All three - Little Red Riding Hood, grandmother, hunter - they were very happy. The hunter stripped the wolf's skin and went home with it, grandma ate the cake and drank the wine, brought by the girl, and Little Red Riding Hood thought: “From now on, I will never run in the woods, when mum forbids me!”.

Some do, that one time, when Little Red Riding Hood was going to see Grandma again, carrying a cake for her, met another wolf, who accosted him and wanted to lead him astray. Little Red Riding Hood, however, was on his guard and went straight on his way, and then told grandma, that he met a wolf, who said "good morning" to him, but his eyes looked so bad:
– If it wasn't in the middle of the road, he would eat me for sure.
– listen to me, child Red Riding Hood promised We'll close the door, lest the wolf get in here.
Soon after, the wolf knocked, calling out:
– Open it up, baboon, that's me, Red Riding Hood, I'm bringing you a cake.
Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood sat quietly and did not open the door. The Wilczysko circled the house a few times, and finally it jumped on the roof and there it wanted to wait until evening, when Little Red Riding Hood comes home, run after him and eat him in the dark. But Grandma guessed right away, what the wolf is up to. There was a large stone trough in front of the house. So she said to her granddaughter:
– Red cap, take a bucket and water, where I used to cook sausage yesterday, pour into the trough!
The girl carried the water as long as possible, until the great trough was full to the brim. Then the smell of the sausage reached the wolf's nostrils, the animal began to sniff and peek downstairs, finally he stretched his neck, that he could no longer stay on the roof and began to fall down, fell into the trough and drowned. Little Red Riding Hood returned home, glad, that no one had done him any harm along the way.