Winnie the Pooh's winter dream

Winnie the Pooh's winter dream

therapeutic fairy tale

Main goals: reducing the fear of new situations and new surroundings.

Fairy tale content:

One night, the first snowflake fell on the Hundred Acre Woods. Then another and another - until the snow covered everything with a white down duvet. Kubuś was sleeping soundly ,when suddenly something started knocking softly on the window. Pooh wiped his sleepy eyes. W oknie stała dziwna biała postać i machała do niego ręką. Trzeba wstać – westchnął z szerokim ziewnięciem. - Probably the Tiger wanted a mischief, I have to shout at him to make him go to sleep. It's winter, it's nighttime and the teddy bears need to sleep a lot. Winnie opened the door wide. It wasn't Tigger…

Winnie rubbed his eyes.

– Am I still asleep? - he thought. Bear saw a strange figure in the doorway. The snow-strewn creature had small eyes. His nose was very large, and there was a snow bow on the tail. The unexpected visitor looked around the teddy bear's cozy apartment. Finally he asked in a tired voice:

– Can i come in?

Winnie was even more surprised and at first thought, that it is a snowman, which together

with friends he made this afternoon. He politely invited the white figure into the cabin.

– Thank you, that you let me in. Whenever winter comes, I am very cold, because I don't have a home of my own. But you sure know it, you know me. Misiu was very curious, who is the stranger, but he did not dare to ask him. Snowman had to remember, why he came to Kuba and asked:

– Pooh! Can I spend the night with you??

The bear considered, what will the night with this strange creature be like?. finally he decided, that the amazing guy will sleep in his bed, and he himself will spend the night on the couch. He took a step towards the bedroom and felt it, that he stepped on something wet. It was a puddle, and in it stood Eeyore. The donkey said:

– And, sorry! I didn't even notice, that going to you, snow covered me from head to toe.

Kubuś told his friend, that he took him for a snowman. Finally, after an exhausting night, the bear and the donkey fell asleep tasty. The next day with Piglet, Owl, Tygryski and Krzyś joked about the nighttime adventures of Kłapouszek and Puchatek. From now on, the donkey always comes to visit with an umbrella. Funny donkey explains, that it can always snow.