About fairy tales

The Bajki.info website is a collection of fairy tales for younger and older children. There are both descriptions of fairy tales to watch and fairy tales to read. Short information about it is placed next to each fairy tale: for which age of children the fairy tale is intended, if and what educational values ​​the fairy tale conveys, fairy tale heroes, e.t.c.

Fairy tales - a short story

Fear to think, how boring the world would be without fairy tales! Because fairy tales, it is a land full of fantasy, stories with a moral, heart-touching stories, containing the wisdom of folk legends. Could a world without a fairy tale exist at all?? Certainly not. And that's why fairy tales are almost so old, like the world. All nations have told them for a long time. The oldest fairy tales were written in India and that is why some consider this country their cradle. For a long time, fairy tales existed as anonymous folk tales, with which the adults entertained the children and themselves. They began to be written relatively recently, because only about three hundred years ago. The first famous author of fairy tales was the French - Charles Perrault. He wrote and compiled folk tales. Titles like "Little Red Riding Hood", "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella", "Puss in Boots" is one of the most famous fairy tales in the world. Almost every child knows the story of the heroes of fairy tales by Charles Perrault.

But not only the French told fairy tales. The Germans living with them next door did the same. The German fairy tales were written by two Grimm brothers - Jakub and Wilhelm. Their first collection of fairy tales was released in the year 1812, it was entitled "Home and Children's Fairy Tales Collected by the Brothers Grimm". This one and their subsequent collections containing fairy tales are very popular among children and parents to this day. The most popular fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm are "Hansel and Gretel", "Princess Snow White", "Tomcio Paluch" and the fairy tales that Charles Perrault wrote earlier, or "Little Red Riding Hood", "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella". Some of the fairy tales have been rewritten many times by other authors, and based on them, many films have been made, animated fairy tales and theatrical performances.


What fairy tales to choose for a child ?

Cartoons can be read or watched, both have their advantages. You should choose wise fairy tales, interesting, happy. If they are fairy tales to read, these should be written in the correct Polish. Let the fairy tales please your child, let their content help him get to know the world, teaches you to distinguish between good and bad. Let's avoid fairy tales, which have no deeper meaning or have a questionable moral message.


Why watching fairy tales is beneficial for children ?

Watching the adventures of fairy-tale characters, the child will understand the everyday life around him easier. The world shown in fairy tales for children is simplified: it shows the boundaries between good and evil. Problem, which in the real world is incomprehensible to a child, presented in a simplified fairy tale becomes understandable to him. The child focuses on it, what fairy-tale favorites feel. He experiences adventures with them. I feel sorry for them, when they are in trouble, he keeps his fingers crossed for the success of their adventures. Thanks to fairy tales, the child becomes more sensitive to the needs of others. Fairy tales help comfort your little one, who, for example, came back sad from school, because a friend destroyed his pencil case. When we turn on a funny fairy tale for the child, surely a smile will appear on his face.


Let's read fairy tales to children !

When a parent reads a fairy tale aloud to his child, it is a nice time for the toddler. Children should read fairy tales regularly, well as parents make a habit of having frequent reading sessions, e.g.. reading a fairy tale to a child every day before falling asleep.
Reading a fairy tale aloud is not only about another story, but about being with your children, about devoting your time to him, so that you feel the most important in the world.
Reading fairy tales to a child builds a bond between the adult and the toddler. This bond will be very important, when the child enters adolescence. The trust that a parent has gained while reading fairy tales will allow him to avoid many bad decisions.

Children are generally used to turning on the TV, therefore a lot depends on the parents. It is important, to help their children learn to listen to poems and fairy tales. Today they are priced by a person, who can listen. If the parents do not show the little child, that fairy tales are a good alternative to television and computer, poems or radio plays, if adults do not tell a child a fairy tale or read a poem, then their children will have no way to learn to listen.