Adventure with technology

Adventure with technology

Dad's locker

Each, who does even the smallest home repairs need basic utensils.
Filip has always tried to get at his father's "treasures". Which little boy would resist the temptation, what a large cabinet full of tools is, nails, cables and God knows, what else? It took a long time before patience was rewarded, today for the first time dad did not chase his son away, and even let him rummage a bit.
– When I get bigger, it will all be mine? Philip asked beaming.
– Maybe, that's not quite how I see it.
– But I can use it, what i need?
– What do you need?
– All.
– Don't overdo it.
– To, at the beginning of: saw, hammer, nails, this "puncher", bolts, it's for screwing and you have to help me.
– Pretty good, you could make a jet out of it.
– Don't be kidding yourself, I do not know yet, what are we going to do, because everything is so interesting here.
– Fine manager, you are in charge.

The first works did not have a specific purpose, it was enough to hammer the nails with a huge hammer and to make countless holes with a hand drill. Such "murder" of a piece of board is not easy work even for a small person, bursting with energy, So trying to screw in another screw quickly resulted in "beautiful" bubbles on the delicate handles and that's how the first adventure ended, with what Philip already took as his own.
Parents were convinced, that my son would forgive himself for a while, at least until sore hands heal. How wrong they were! The next day, a young constructor in winter gloves was ready to tame the technique. This time the effect of painstaking work became more visible, he managed to nail the two boards together. The problem was that, one of them was a kitchen stool, Filip was proud, mom much less.
– Something you did best?
– You don't like it, and I've worked so much, I even hit my finger ...?
– Tell dad, to do something about it and with you too.
– I heard, I heard. Dad said. - You're not proud of your son?
– I am, but if you don't repair the stool, one of you will plant your "pride" on this board during dinner.
– Dad, you can help me, because I nailed her hard? Philip gasped with the effort, directing a pleading look at his father.
Together, they dealt with the masterful work of the young genius, it took much longer for them to collect and bring everything back to its former state, what was needed to drive the nail.

Who has seen the tongs?

More and more gentlemen worked together, although not always both liked it. Dad did many things at home on his own, at least so far it has been, so he kept the parts, which he would otherwise have thrown out. Ever since Filip annexed the cupboard, father noticed the phenomenon of dematerialisation of some of his "treasures".
Kaja, as a young bride, she had no interest in acquiring her father's toys, it was limited to overly ingratiatingly coercing my father, to do what she wanted.
– Dear daddy, and do you love your little daughter? – robiła maślane oczy.
– I am not convinced at all, but talk.
– Because you can see… my desk…
– Just don't talk, that I have to buy you a new one because there is none of it.
– I don't want a new one, it's great, only the screw unscrewed.
– Dear god, what screw?
– Tam, when folding the top…
– Come on, let's see what you've been up there.

Because it turned out, that you only need to tighten the loosened hinges, dad did it in a few moments. He also planned to repair his bike, standing for some time in the basement. There wasn't really much to do there, tighten the wheels, inflate the tires, clean and lubricate the chain. Properly, no problem… ,half an hour and it's ready. So, but this is how long he is already looking for the tongs, które wyparowały jak kamfora. – Filip!
– …
– Filip!
– Something happened?
– How I know life, then you probably know something about these red tongs.
– I should?
– Firmly - YES.
– You know, I needed them very much in the yard, and then we played hide and seek and they hid like that…
– Means, that I have nothing to look for, but better to buy new ones?
– I can even go with you, I'll help you pick some cool ones.
– You should go alone with your savings.
– This, I will no longer take tools from home, and for my change what we would buy, but take me with you, at least I'll advise you.
– What are you still waiting for?
Father came to a conclusion, that really is, the tools would only be safe in the safe, this is the price everyone has to pay, who wants to take comfort from a son. But how pleasant it is and how much fun it is, only fathers too seldom tell their sons about it.

What's interesting is hidden in the old radio?

– Sweetheart, it seems to me, that the day has come when you need to buy some "honest" radio. – zaczął pan Władek.
– Do you know, that I don't know anything about it, important for it to play.
– Old is still playing, but it's hard to understand what, because he makes all the voices but not the music.
– But it costs money.
– You see… I got a few zlotys, enough for a cool radio.
– I would prefer a new vacuum cleaner, and besides, pocket money on holidays would also be advisable.
– Well, I will buy a vacuum cleaner and give you pocket money, but the rest is on "self-play".
– If you can afford it all, let it be as you like – zakończyła rozmowę pani Renata.
Muted voices of joy came from behind the door. Children have long tried to persuade their parents to buy a "tower" with a laser player.
– Kaja, Filip! get dressed, let's go for a walk.
– We are ready, only mom is scrambling like that.
– Mom is "making a deity", and not gramoli! - came from the bathroom.
Kaja suggested to her dad, that she will advise him on what equipment to choose. In fact, my dad had already made up his mind and now he just needed family approval, as for the vacuum cleaner, the matter was simple… it is supposed to be powerful and have good filtering.
– Which store will we go to? – niecierpliwił się Filip.
– Calmly, it's just a few steps.
The viewing began on the spot – children musical equipment, household appliances parents. There were no problems with the vacuum cleaner, and when the seller found out, that this is not the end of shopping, he promised to give a discount. Kaja saw a small "tower" and tried very hard to show it to her father. Imagine her surprise when she heard it:
– Please show us how this "Grundig" plays.
– Here you are. We have a digital RDS radio here, triple player and two cassette pockets, voice correction with bass boost and good loudspeakers…
The children froze listening to all this.
– Dad, I thought, that maybe we will only have a little one, meanwhile it's like a jukebox.
– How do you not like it, we'll take a smaller one.
– No! No! That's what it's great!
– This, what will you do with your old radio-tape recorder? – nagle zaciekawił się Filip.
– I thought to myself, that you'll want to see what's inside.
– You're really gonna let me do this?
– Well, I don't think I have any other alternative, but first they all have to work, because you have to bring home four large packages.
The seller also pleasantly surprised the family this time. He took everything to the house and even helped with parcels.

Ms. Renata was probably the least worried about the situation, she was glad, because the old "dust mixer", as she called it, it was only good for the garbage can. Kaja and her dad installed new ones, and Filip was already "murdering" the old radio. The tower played like the Polish Radio Orchestra, until the music caressed the ears.
– Help dad! – przerwał stan zachwytu głos Filipa - you promised!
– But, do you really need my help?
– Now yes, 'Cause I got to the very center.
– Let, so the music is playing, and we go to work.
– I can't pull it out, maybe you have more strength?
Turned out, that strength is not always the best solution. It was enough to turn, push and turn again, and all the interior revealed its secrets.
– Just remember, we take out the motor from the tape recorder, revolution counter and transformer. The rest is scrap, so you had better be of no use to you.
– Don't be so bitch, see how many interesting things remain, of which you will definitely be able to do something.
– Probably just a space station.
– E…, it seems to me, that you would still need to pick something from your drawer, because there is not enough of it.
– Don't even think about it, it was just a joke and I was already telling you, we won't need these things.
What could be done, tata – "higher power". However, nothing prevents you from finding out what it is for.
– Perhaps we would still leave those knobs?
– Sync dear, these are potentiometers to adjust the volume and timbre, and yet it has long been impossible to regulate anything in this monument.
– … and the colorful ones?
– Come on, we really can't do any of this, but with a motor, I'll let you build an elevator, a crane or something equally fascinating.
– I don't know how the elevator works.
– A mechanic like you can't help but know, I'm sure you will come up with something.
Mom was just finishing preparing dinner when a beaming Philip burst into the kitchen.
– Mom! You have to see this!
– I can't now, you see, I'm busy. Show me after dinner, and now daddy will make you happy with his presence.
Of course, there was no need to tell him, he screamed immediately:
– This! I made an elevator and it even works! You must watch it immediately!
– Well, if I have to…
In Philip's room, on the desk, there was a battery next to the very edge, a plasticine-stuck motor, the roller for the drive of the tape recorder protruded beyond it. There was a "elevator" proudly on the floor, beauty, color made of Lego bricks. The whole thing was connected by a thread attached to the elevator on one side, on the other, it is wound on a roll from the engine. The whole thing was completed with a tangle of wires and metal plates. Filip, with concentration worthy of an engineer, checked what he had connected to.
– I already know. Watch and admire…
He closed two plates and…, the elevator started.
– My congratulations, I told you, that you can.
– Now I am going to make a tower out of bricks, so that there are several floors.
– …come on these bricks…
As was often the case when the "boys" sat down to play together, so this time the world ceased to exist for them and if mom hadn't called to the table, they would probably go up and down until the evening. Philip was already thinking about other applications for his fantastic work and this is how the adventure with technology ended, or maybe it has just begun.?