All because of the Mouse

All because of the Mouse

This is Rabbit. Really. No elephant without a trunk, as dad laughs sometimes, nor a mouse with a fluffy tail. Not even a hare. Wild Rabbit only. He has been living underground for a long time. In the burrow. Together with mom, dad and siblings.

Everyone just left as usual, and he stayed as usual. W domu nikt się temu nie dziwił. – It will be bigger, It will change. It will grow out of it – said my mother.
The rabbit crouched in its corner of the burrow, wiggling its whiskers. He didn't know why. However, a bit of boredom, and a little out of habit. Czekał. – Today something extraordinary should happen. I have to be patient. Once… two…three… – he counted. And again:– Once… two… three… – But it was quiet in the burrow, gray and darker than yesterday.
Suddenly something boomed. And right after that: pac! A huge lump of wet sand hit the rabbit in the nose… He closed his eyes quickly. It was even darker that way – ale bezpieczniej. How much can you sit still, to tremble and see nothing? – he thought. He opened his eyes. W najciemniejszym kąciku norki coś się poruszyło. – Who is there? – he asked quite loudly.
– Mouse. I dug into your burrow by mistake.
– And you covered up the entrance?
– I'm so sorry. I'll take a breath or a little less, and then I will enlarge this tunnel and there will be an exit from this side again.
– An entrance is needed. How my parents and siblings get here?
– The new entrance or exit will be even more visible than the previous one. You'll see for yourself.
– I don't feel like going anywhere. Just tell me, why did you dig this tunnel?
– You heard nothing and nothing? On the surface…there is a storm now. There will be a rainbow after it. I was in a hurry, to see her in time.
– What is a rainbow?
The Mouse looked thoughtful.
– I think, that it is a few beautiful flames. This is a rainbow… But, rainbow! You have to see her. The rainbow does not burn, does not burn anything, does not heat… Its colors do not change. I don't know how loud you would scream, they won't budge. She is still and the most beautiful of all, what i know. Detriment, that no smell. And that you can't try it a little bit. But it better be like this, as it is, I could watch it endlessly.
– It means… that it is not dark on the ground?
– Oh no! The sun is shining during the day, and if it is not lit., everything is clearly visible anyway. It's dark at night, but the moon and the stars shine… I prefer the rainbow to the stars. The stars are as still, cold cat eyes. It is not pleasant to look at something like this.
– Rainbow…powiedział w zamyśleniu Królik. – I can feel it, that I am fed up with dark and gray mink, as well as the color of your fur. I had never told anyone about this before. I want to see a rainbow.
– Idea… You don't need to be afraid of her, run away from her. She doesn't scratch, does not bite, does not burn.
– I am stronger than you. I'm about to tear off this lump of dirt and widen the tunnel to the entrance. And then I will see a rainbow.

Not caring about the fur, about the paws, The rabbit lunged forward and began to work in a hurry. To dig, to dig, as much as he had strength. The mouse was left behind somewhere, but he wasn't thinking about her anymore. He was just kicking, to see the rainbow as soon as possible.
A fairly large stone stood in the way. The rabbit gasped, then pushed him aside. The stone rolled… it is not known where… And then his eyes went dark. Then gold and red circles began to spin.
– Are you a rainbow? – Rabbit asked. – I've never seen you before.
– No. I am the sun.
– One? I can see a few circles or balls.
– I am really single. You're about to get used to my light, to the brightness of the day and you will see me more clearly.
– Actually. I've never been here before and haven't seen anything like it. I feel pleasantly warm. I can see the color of my fur well.
– You're looking for a rainbow? – the Sun asked.
– I wanted… see her, because I was fed up with gray and dark in the burrow. And why are you so high?
The sun laughed.
– I've been wandering to this place since dawn. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. I roll back in the evening, Down. Then a dark night comes in my place. It is brightened by the moon and the stars. And also clouds. I warm people during the day, animals and flowers. The night puts everyone and everything to sleep.
– I know the night – Rabbit remembered. – He is often in our burrow. That's why I probably wanted to sleep all the time. But … I've never seen clouds before.
– I'm here! I am swaying over you! – Cloud cried. – Want, that I would show rain or snow?
– Hmm… I do not know. However, I am thinking, that rain. There is supposed to be a rainbow after the rain?
– Not always. But sometimes it is. It's nicer after the rain. If snow had fallen, it would be cold.
– So I prefer rain – Rabbit decided.
At that moment it blew and the cloud was gone… scattering into a few tiny clouds along the way.
– What is it? Is that the rain??
– No. They call me the Wind. I chased the cloud away, because it cast a shadow on the flower. See, how many colors does it have. It is green and white, still pink, then red, very red.
– Is a flower… it's a piece of the rainbow? – Rabbit asked.
– Ah no. The rainbow is in the sky, and the flower grows out of the ground, from the grain – seeds. And I am delivering them, I scatter, I am spreading.
– The flower is very beautiful. Can I watch it closely??Królik nachylił się i kichnął. – Aaa-psyche! It smells good! It is the Flower-Apsik. I can call you that? – he asked politely.
– O, if you want… Just don't tickle me with your mustache and don't block the sun again. I was pretty cold before, when there was a cloud in the sky – said the Flower.
The rabbit sat on one side and watched with delight.
– You are beautiful – he repeated thoughtfully.
– I know that. Tomorrow I will be even more beautiful.
– You will wither the day after tomorrow – Snail laughed.
The flower looked back. The snail was right there, next door.
– But everyone has time to look at me. I'd rather be a flower than a snail.
– No, no…zamruczał obrażony Ślimak. – I'm not ugly either. Have you seen anyone like this shell? – asked the Rabbit.
– No… – he answered honestly.
– I'm shiny after the rain, silvery and really pretty.
– Maybe you know, will it still rain? I would love to be just a little as pretty as each of you. It all depends on the rain, from the rainbow after the rain… I would like to have a nicer fur at last. Pink or golden… – he dreamed.
– You're not ugly at all – Snail assured me.
– You really are quite eye catching – the Flower graciously added.
– All so gray-haired? – Rabbit asked doubtfully.
– Hello, Hello! can you hear me? Look up! – cried the sun.
– I can not. You shine so bright.
– Then listen to it. I give you a gift. A bit of my prettiest color. I am all pink and red at dawn. Your eyes will be like that now.
– Really? – Rabbit rejoiced.
– Come to me. There is a small puddle here. Take a lookzawołał Ślimak. – You are with eyes like that… very interesting.
– O, so – the Flower confirmed.
– A… will I see everything better now? – Rabbit asked.
– It just depends on you, what do you want to see – the Sun said.
– thank you!zawołał Królik. – I do not know, what to do now. Go back to the burrow or go ahead? I would like to see so much.
– Oh yes, worth knowing yet: tree and water, moon and stars, child and people in general… – Snail was slowly enumerating.
– It's great to be able to walk. I envy you – the Flower whispered.
– I am convinced, that I can find a rainbow somewhere. After all, I really wanted to see her – Rabbit remembered.
– so let's go. Now I will go with you…powiedziało wesoło Słońce. – Then you will meet another flower, another snail, then the butterfly, bird, lizard, ant and frog, and even a black squirrel.
– And somewhere there, maybe already behind the third big tree, behind the second large stone, or maybe closer… there will be a rainbow – Rabbit sighed and poked behind the sun singing quite nicely, and at the same time loud:

Although it was raining yesterday,
and today the wind blows,
it's every day, every day is great!
When you tell others yes,
you hum to yourself like that:
we have a great day, we have a great day,
but, what a wonderful day!
A hundred kids are waiting for me, one hundred games,
I will jump a hundred, I'll purr, I'll hum:
I have friends close, I have many friends,
I'm not alone at all!
So it will be nice to fall asleep afterwards.

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