Psychoeducational fairy tale

“The little ant started learning in the first grade. From the very beginning, she could not cope with the tasks, what ants have at school. They learn to pick up, and then transporting things. Learning is hard, they carry sticks on their backs every day, leaflets, twigs, strawberries, berries, and they also learn, how to pack them, that they would not be destroyed. The ant was very hardworking, she wanted very much to receive good grades, but so what - she was very tiny, so fat, little boy and could not bear all these burdens. Others, stronger and bigger, did well, only she was always left behind. Ants used to call her names, they made fun of her. She was very worried about it, she walked upset. She was afraid of the lessons and this one, that he would not bear the given weight and would get one again. Preferably she wouldn't go to school at all. She was ashamed of the bad grades and this, that she is so weak. The ant's friends reluctantly played with her, they didn't even want to sit on the same bench with her. Days passed.

Once a commission came to the school, every ant has been measured, weighed. The little ant has been studied the longest; commission members watched her, they shook their heads, then they consulted for a long time, until they finally ruled, that some ants are too small and have to go to school for liliputians. After all, they will not grow much longer, and in the older classes there will be new items and weights will be even greater. After all, these ants will be workers. It was decided, that the little one will go to a special school, where is science too, only a little less weights, such, which he can easily bear. She goes to a special school for liliputians! Other ants laughed. No to, so what? Asked Mrs. Mrówka, teacher. They couldn't answer, but they kept laughing at it, paying attention, can't you hear. I'll go to another school, the ant decided, because here, as i can see, they don't like me. As she thought, so she did.

She liked the new school immediately, it was the same as the previous one, yet different, exercise weights were lower, and friends are nicer. After a few days, the ant had six and five in the diary. She found friends there, the same as her - little ants. She liked going to this school very much, she was just sorry, when she met colleagues from the previous one, who continued to laugh at her, they pointed with their fingers and called names.

One day a menacing giant was walking through the forest, he waved the stick in all directions and destroyed everything, what was in his way. He stumbled upon an anthill and began to drill holes in it with the stick. The ground trembled, houses began to collapse in the anthill, schools, all the ants watched in horror, how their work is destroyed. You had to defend yourself, so they all attacked the intruder in solidarity. Bitten, how the unfortunate escaped, where pepper grows. Pleased ants returned to the anthill. It turned out after a while, that many houses and streets were destroyed, as well as valuable items, one of them is the tiny golden crown of the queen. A great lamentation reigned in the anthill. After all, a queen cannot rule without a crown! The search has begun. The crown, however, was not there, it was not so. All tunnels, except one has been checked. No one could enter the latter, The tunnel meandered deep into the ground, it was very narrow, dark, dangerous. He could collapse at any moment and bury the daredevil forever. So no one tried to go in there. Only the little ant took this bold step. And after a while, through a narrow corridor, she descended lower and lower. There was darkness all around, she felt the damp earth. She checked each section of the road slowly. There was nothing but darkness there. However, she did not get discouraged, went deeper and deeper. She paused for a moment, to wipe the sweat from my brow, and then she saw it, that something glistens. She leaned in. She found the crown. Happy she came back as if on wings. Everyone admired her. It was thanks to her courage that the queen was able to rule the anthill again, ants go to school, and the workers to work. You are extremely brave, said the queen, handing her the Order of Courage. Congratulations, there was no end to hugs. And those, who once made fun of her, now they were terribly ashamed of it.

Because it doesn't matter, whether you are big, or small; whether you are wearing a large one, or light weights. What is important?”