Casper in the woods

Casper in the woods


We get to know nature

Instead of swimming, go to the river,
go on a trip with Kacper!
We invite you to the forest!

In which you will spend more time?
Is in the coniferous – this spruce tree,
or in a deciduous – this oak?

You will meet us everywhere – Animals –
so carefully go, remember!
We know the secrets of the forest.
Kacper! We invite you beautifully!


A spider sits under the fern,
strong nets bravely weaving.
After an hour – I swear –
his cobweb is ready!

“Kacper! A fly I catch,
I'll give you for breakfast today.
Just don't jump into this thicket!
Oj! You broke the spider web!”


“chrum! chrum! Come on, great drug!
Why are you making so much scream?
There are acorns under the oaks,
and you dig the earth everywhere!”

“You want to get on the boar's fangs?
if not, run to the tree!
My children, little wilds,
they can damage your shoes,
We plow the whole litter.
Then I will take a break.”


“I don't like jumping alone!
Where is my mother deer?
Where friends have run?”
“How is it where? to a forest nursery!
How are you not ashamed, young lady!
You're still running away, Still the same!
In the clearing, right next to the log,
Young people are already learning roe deer.”
“And Kacper will be there today?”
“Sarno! I'll go anywhere with you!”


“Mr. fox! You see me,
that you did something wrong today!
Don't be ashamed to sneak around like that at night
and eat the hens from the henhouse?!”

“In winter, it's hard to find delicacies,
so that's why i'm like that.
A hungry wife is waiting in the burrow
very angry with me.
And the hunter maybe tomorrow
make me a fox fur!”


What spines does this hedgehog have!
Kacper grew up too
and it's going to be a hedgehog!
You don't want to prick the hedgehog?!
Because that scared hedgehog
is under protection, do you know?


Movement in the anthill from the morning,
because the queen is sleepy,
it goes, screams, orders,
good mood spoils everyone.

“More light!” – the ant screams.
“The bulb is on, after all!”
“Then light another one!”
Workers have an ordinate mines.
The house is built and cleaned,
The ants have a hard time!


Who forges? Who is still knocking?
Who is looking for insects in the bark??
Its strong beak hits the tree.
Enough! Come on! Stop, my friend!

This Mr. Woodpecker is still working.
Everything in the forest is tapping.
It's good time for breakfast,
so enjoy your meal nice ladies!


Although I have a red hat,
snow-white dots on it,
don't eat me! Do not come! Don't move!
Leave the toadstools whole!

Although I grow most beautifully in the forest,
nobody puts me in the trash.
The echo carries this truth:
toadstools are not eaten!


He says one beetle to a beetle”
“Roll the balls – difficult art!
For the competition in the clearing
let Kacper stand with us.
Who will do the biggest ball,
who will decorate it the most,
this one will get a lot of delicacies –
mushroom and grub soup.”

“Kacper will lose, friend!
He is one, and many of you.”


Mrs. Borsukowa is crying,
because dinner is ready,
and the badger left the house
and said nothing to anyone.

“You haven't seen my husband?
I'm looking everywhere, I strain my hearing.
He has white stripes on his head,
entirely black, stout in himself.”

“O! It is coming!” “Hi, sweetheart!
I started feeding today!”