Children's fairy tales to read

Children's fairy tales to read

Fairy tales, here you can read to children of all ages. There is no age limit at which children should read. Scientifically proven, that reading aloud to babies right after birth has a positive effect. So read to your toddler fairy tales before bedtime and at other times of the day, as often as it wants to.

Sleeping Beauty – this is a Charles Perrault fairy tale, French fabulist from the 18th century. The fairy tale tells about a princess, on which the witch has cast an evil spell. The ending of the fairy tale is positive, good wins, and the princess with the prince “live happily ever after”. The Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale has been known and liked by children and adults for many generations. Recommended for children of all ages.

Red Riding Hood – Little Red Riding Hood describes the figure of a little girl who still wears a red hood. The girl's adventures are described in a fairy tale by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. The character of the Little Red Riding Hood appeared in a huge amount of stories, films and fairy tales for children, Almost every child knows it.

Three Little Pigs – a world famous fairy tale about three little pigs and the bad wolf. Each of the pigs decided to build their own house, but a hungry wolf was in the way, who is trying to eat them.

The hamster is looking for spring – “One day, the little hamster woke up in his burrow at the edge of the forest. He yawned, stretched, rubbed his eyes with his paw came out the mink, look for spring.” – this is how this nice fairy tale begins, in which children laugh until they burst.

Easter bunny is shopping – funny short rhyming story about how a mother sent her son a bunny to the store for shopping. Mom warns the bunny about the dangers and temptations awaiting her son on the way to the store. Will the bunny bring shopping to mum?? Read on!

The adventures of Bear Uszatek – one of the episodes of the adventures of Bear Uszatek. Bear, Kogucik, the dog Kruczek and the Bunny met a piglet called Pink Snout and invited him to breakfast. The fairy tale ends with a moral, has educational values ​​for children.

Elemelek the sparrow and the potato – Once a sparrow, Elemelek, found a potato in a field. Not too big, not too small, perfect to eat. What will Sparrow Elemelek do – the hero of Hanna Łochocka's fairy tale – with a found potato, you will find out by reading it.

Bob the Builder – favorite fairy tale of little boys. Truck, excavator, bulldozer and other construction machinery successfully attract children's attention, arouse their curiosity and interest in technology.

All because of the Mouse – amazing story of a little rabbit, who first came out of the burrow and saw the world: he met the sun, The cloud, Wind, Flower, Snail.

The only Kitten – one of the fairy tales from the series “Fairy tales from the closet” by Katarzyna Ryrych. The little kitten is very fearful right after birth, and the pranks and jokes of a little older kittens only deepen his fear. Fortunately, mom is nearby.

Casper in the woods – in this rhyming fairy tale, the child meets some of the inhabitants of the forest: The spider, Wild, Sarnę, Lisa, Hedgehog, Ants, Woodpecker, Muchomora, Beetle, Borsuka.

A fairy tale about the king – funny rhyme, written by Jan Brzechwa. It is a story about a king, who ate nothing but porridge with milk. What will come of it and will it be good for him? Read on for yourself!

Duck feet – a fairy tale about a duckling and the problems he had with his feet. Badly smelling legs caused him many embarrassing situations and spoiled the pleasant moments spent with his beloved. A funny story for children and parents with humor.

Adventure with technology – a story for children about a little boy and his family. Filip, as usually boys of a certain age, begins to be interested in the broadly understood technique. Read on for yourself what will come of it, because it is a very nice story.