The hamster is looking for spring

The hamster is looking for spring

One day, the little hamster woke up in his burrow at the edge of the forest. He yawned, stretched, rubbed his eyes with his paw came out the mink, look for spring.
– Cold – the sleepy Hamster muttered.
He looked around, but spring was nowhere.

Little fluffy willow cats sat on willow branches.
– What are you doing so high? – asked the hamster.
– We grow, we are growing – the willow kittens cried.
– And you have not seen spring? – spytał Chomik.
But the wind had just come, the willow rustled with twigs and the hamster did not hear what the willow cats were saying.

So he went on. The sun was shining, and little clouds were flowing in the sky.
– Halozawołał do nich Chomik. – Have you not seen spring?
And then one cloud blocked the sun and raindrops fell on the hamster.
– Brr…– Hamster curled up on the ground and saw the little ones, white flowers.
– Maybe you have seen spring? – He asked, but the flowers were tiny and could not speak yet.
The hamster went further to look for spring.
Birds flew overhead between the trees. They were very busy, because they collected twigs and chips to build nests.
– Maybe you know, where is spring? – cried the Hamster, but the birds sang, they chirped, they whistled and didn't even hear the Hamster's voice.
– I have to go on, no one has met spring here yet – he muttered to himself.

Until finally the Hamster came to the meadow, and there was a stork standing on long legs. The hamster lifted his head high and looked at the stork. Its not even worth asking for spring, he is so cold, until her nose and legs are red. And the stork also looked at the Hamster and cackled:
– Something like! – This frog is fully dressed in warm fur, and I was thinking, it's spring – and flew away.
And the Hamster went on looking for spring …

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