Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

A long time ago, a king and a queen lived in a certain kingdom, who with all their hearts wanted a child. So when, after many years, a daughter was born to them, they had a wonderful baptism. The king ordered his writers, to send invitations to kings and princes from neighboring countries. The queen invited six fairies to come to kumas. In the great castle chamber, the tables were full of delicious food and drinks.

Royal musicians, acrobats and jugglers entertained the guests. When the feast was over, the guests began to offer their gifts to the princess next to the lullaby. The fairies also came. She was the first to wish her, that she might be as gentle as an angel, the other gave her a Slavic voice, the third is a talent for music and dance, fourth swan gracefully, 5 o'clock with the beauty of a summer day and ...

Suddenly the door burst open and the seventh fairy entered the room. She was ugly, old and terribly angry, that they forgot to invite her to the baptism. Not saying hello to anyone, she quickly went to the cradle and in a terrible voice she cursed the princess:
– When you are fifteen, you prick your finger with the spindle and die! This is my gift to you!
A horror-filled silence fell in the room. After a while, however, the sixth fairy spoke, who has not yet donated anything to her goddaughter:
– Unfortunately, I don't have that much power, to completely reverse the evil spell cast on the princess, however, I can reduce its bad effects. Admittedly, the princess stabs her finger with a spindle, but he will not die! He will only fall into a deep sleep, which will last a hundred years.

The king was very terrified. The next day he ordered, that all the reels throughout the kingdom be destroyed and publicly burned. He thought, that in this way they gave up the danger that threatened his daughter. Years have passed. The princess grew healthy and her beauty grew with each passing year, reason, humor and wit. One day when she turned fifteen, wandering around the castle, she reached the top of a tall tower. And here she was standing in front of a door, in which there was a golden key. The princess opened the door. An old woman sat in the center of the room, spinning on a spinning wheel, and the spindle turned fast and hummed merrily. A curious princess, who had never seen a reel before, she ran to the old woman. But it barely touched the spindle, she pricked her finger and fell asleep immediately. The old woman sitting at the reel - who was in fact the malicious seventh fairy - burst out with hideous laughter and ... disappeared.

The witch's terrible laughter echoed all over the castle. The royal soldiers heard him and hastened to save the princess. Unfortunately, they couldn't help her anymore! The king, with tears in his eyes, laid the princess on a comfortable bed. Soon the king too, Queen, courtiers, cooks, guards at the gate, lokaje, ministers, pigeons on the roof, horses in the stable, cats, dogs about mice - everyone in the castle also plunged into the deep, hundred-year-old dream. Years passed and a hedge of brambles grew around the castle, hawthorns and trees. It was so thick, that no one - not a beast, neither man could break through it. Along with the hedge, the legend of Sleeping Beauty also grew. Many young people, the brave princes tried to disenchant the princess, but the sharp bushes hurt them mercilessly, and it happened, that many daredevils have perished.

A hundred years have passed. One day a young prince from a neighboring country was hunting with his companions in the forest near the castle. He saw over the treetops I believe, where jagged flags fluttered.
– What are these towers you can see, far away? – asked the old man, who passed the path through the forest.
This old man heard from his grandfather the story of the Sleeping Beauty. So he told the prince, that a beautiful princess has been sleeping in the enchanted castle for a hundred years, who is waiting, until the young prince awakens her. Regardless of the hunters' warnings, the prince set off towards the forest of thorns. He didn't even have to draw his sword, to pave my way, for step by step the thicket retreated behind him. So he reached the castle courtyard without any problems.

There was a terrible silence all around. The sound of his footsteps echoed through the castle corridors and dusty chambers. Wandering around the castle, the astonished prince found sleeping people everywhere covered with cobwebs. His heart beat like a hammer. More and more terrified, he wanted to escape as far as possible from this full of terror, blind spot, when suddenly in a golden chamber, on a magnificent bed he saw Sleeping Beauty.

Enchanted by her beauty, the young prince leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. Then the princess opened her eyes and called out: You have finally come, prince?! Seems to, that I slept for a long time! And at that moment, the hundred-year-long evil spell had lost its power.

Suddenly the whole castle was awake as well. There was a buzz and cheerful voices everywhere. Dogs barked in the yard, the birds began to sing, The bells rang. The king and queen hugged and kissed their daughter, shedding tears of joy. Knowing, that young people fell in love with each other at first sight, the king gave them a boisterous wedding that same day. Soon the young couple left for the prince's country, where she lived happily ever after.

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