The adventures and travels of Misia Uszatek

The adventures and travels of Misia Uszatek

It always is, what he like

The teddy bear was standing on the threshold of the house. In his paws he held a slice of bread thickly smeared with honey. Friends surrounded him.
– It always is, what he like – Kogucik said to Teddy Bear. – I like seeds.
– And I have grasses and herbs – added the bunny.
– There is nothing better than grits! – Kruczek licked.
And everyone started eating it, what he like. The bear was eating a bread with honey. The cockerel was pecking at the seeds. The bunny was nibbling on the leaves of herbs. And Kruczek was licking the bowl of porridge.
– chrum, goodly… – a voice rang out at once. A four-legged man ran out into the yard, pink creature.
– I am Piglet Pink Snout – it said, looking at friends.
– We are very pleased – the newcomer's friends greeted.
– I seekwiknął prosiaczek – that each of you eats it, what he like.
– And you, what do you like? – Uszatek asked.
– All. And bread, and porridge, and a leaf, and a seed, and lots of other stuff. And I always have a great appetite.
The friends looked at the Pink Snout in admiration. And Uszatek ran home. He was back in a moment, carrying a piece of paper with the inscription in his paw:
Invitation. Pink Snout Piglet please, to come over for breakfast tomorrow. Miś Uszatek and Friends.


Bear Uszatek covered the table in the gazebo with a white cloth. The bunny put a bouquet of flowers in the center of the table. Kogucik and Kruczek put together the decorations. That's when the gate creaked. Pink Snout entered the yard.
– Welcome nice guest! Please come to the table! – friends cried.
Piglet made himself comfortable in the chair. The bunny brought in a platter of lettuce. Kruczek a bowl of steaming porridge with cracklings. The cockerel brought a radish in its beak, red like florets.
Teddy bear said:
– Here is gingerbread and chocolate pudding. We can start breakfast now.
Pink Snout grunted:
– chrum goodly… Everything looks great! – and immediately began to eat. He started pecking, smack and lick it widely. He did not put dishes on the plate. He ate straight from the platter. Not with a fork – but with a snout and paws. He bit his lettuce with gingerbread, and he ate the pudding with the radish.
– chrum, goodly, goodly… – he grunted with great satisfaction the whole time.
The friends were speechless with terror. Pink Snout stained the tablecloth and knocked the flowers over! And when he had eaten everything and saw it, that the table is empty – fell asleep. He didn't even wipe his snout.
Friends watched, silently, on the ruined table and on the sleeping glutton. The bear asked in a whisper:
– Will we ever invite Pink Snout again??

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