therapeutic fairy tale

APPLICATION FAIRY TALES according to its author:

I guess, that it can be used in a situation where the child is rejected by the group or ridiculed or called names. Text for both groups, and for one child.


Dusk was falling. The sea rustled soothingly, and the huge turtle thought, it's a good time, to lay eggs and bury them in the hot sand of the beach. She slowly emerged from the water and moved towards the high dune. It was sinking deep, she was tired very much, ale wytrwale dążyła do celu. Wykopała dołek i złożyła w nim jaja, then she carefully covered them and moved laboriously towards the water., to plunge into the friendly waves again. She did not know, that the fox was watching her all the time and as soon as she disappeared into the water, ran to the nest, to kidnap turtles eggs from him. He quickly dug one up and took it in his mouth. Then he heard voices. Frightened, he quickly ran far to the dunes, where he had his burrow. Zakopał zdobycz w ciepłym piasku i ruszył na dalsze polowanie. A storm broke out during the night. The wind blew across the beach and dunes, pouring sand in every direction and in the morning the fox could not find a place, in which he buried the egg.

Hot days passed. One day, tiny turtles hatched from eggs on the beach and immediately began their journey towards the water. The journey across the beach took several hours. When they finally arrived, they happily learned to swim and get food. Meanwhile, deep in the dunes, their little brother escaped from a deep burrow, kidnapped by a fox. He couldn't see the sea, he did not know, how to get to it, but something was telling him to head in the right direction. The hot sand scalded his little feet, the sun scorched the still soft shell. The climb up the hill was exhausting, but the little turtle felt, that he must get there, where he will be safe and find food. He was terribly hungry and tired. During, as his happy siblings frolicked in the water, he slowly glided over the sand. He had traveled for a long time. It was getting dark and cold, then bright and hot again, and he was still walking. When he was almost exhausted, he saw the sea and his siblings swimming. The sight gave him energy and he was quickly over the water's edge. – Hello! He said breathlessly. The turtles looked at him in surprise.

– New! Everyone check it out! All in the sand! Where did you come from?! - they asked curiously.

– I crawled out of there - a tired turtle nodded his head and shyly touched the salt water with his mouth. He did not know, How to behave.

– O, afraid of water!!! Ty, new, and you can swim?! One of the turtles asked with a laugh.

– I do not know… What does that mean? The embarrassed turtle asked.

All the turtles fell silent, and then they burst out laughing:

– Does not know! Turtle and can't swim! Ciamajda!

The little turtle felt very sad. He tried to explain, how difficult it was for him to find his siblings, but no one listened to him. He wanted to get into the water, but he stumbled with fatigue and hunger. The other turtles were still laughing, and he felt more and more sorry. He plunged his head into the water, so that it cannot be seen, that she is crying. Then he went on and on. Zaczął Płynąć, but everyone was ahead of him. The turtles kept laughing and teasing him. Some of them especially showed off their swimming skills, and the turtle was ashamed, that he is so clumsy. He regretted more and more, that he managed to reach the sea. He felt terribly lonely. Suddenly, an old turtle emerged from the water:

– Why are you laughing at your little brother? He asked sternly.

– See, grandpa, how he swims! Slow and weird! It is still the last one! He's scared and so sluggish! - amused turtles cried.

– You judge him unfairly. Do you know, how much effort he put into it, to get here? Neither of you has ever had to crawl on sand without water or food for so long. You don't even know, how difficult it is! You started swimming earlier than he and that, that you do better, is not your merit. I do not understand, what are you so proud of…- he ended sadly. Ashamed, the turtles fell silent, and some practiced diving, to hide my confusion. Then they slowly swam up to the turtle.

– We apologize, do not be angry. We did not think, that your way to the water was so long and difficult…

Turtle looked at his siblings and smiled shyly.

– I will have to practice a long time, to swim so well, like you…- he whispered.

– That `s nothing!!! We help you! The turtles shouted. - You will see, that we will succeed together!

The turtle screamed for joy and eagerly dived for the first time.

– Thank you! He called after a moment, emerging from the water. - And I will tell you for it, how do they look.